Overnight Site Types

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Prices include one RV and one vehicle.

6 PERSON(S) MAXIMUM PER SITE. (Children included)

ALL visitors entering Shamadon who exceed the 6 campers included in the paid site fee will be charged a $10 fee per day regardless of their length of stay.

Extra vehicle: $12.00 per day

Extra Sleeping Units must be registered with the office. Addtional fees apply.

Vehicles dropping off people/equipment must register in the office and pay a $20 deposit before entering. It will not be refunded after 20 min.

Check out time – 12:00 noon.

Prices do not include tax.

Quiet Hours (10pm-8am) strictly enforced.

Bookings that are less than 3 days on long weekends are subject to a $40 surcharge.